420 Seed Bank

420 Seed Bank

Origin Of The 420 Seed Bank

The Statue of Louis Pasteur at San Rafael High School is now said to be the place of the original 4:20 cannabis smoking gatherings.

420 Date Meaning

420 is known by all hippies worldwide. It's pronounced four-twenty. It's s a code refering to the consumption of cannabis.

In North America and other countries worlwide, April 20th (4th Month, 20th day) people gather in large groups to celebrate cannabis.

High school hippies observe embibing cannabis @4:20 after school at a pre-determined location. The fisrt location was actually in Vancouver, because school ended later in the cold North, but California has taken the claim.

Why 4:20 As Time

4:20 pm or 16:20 using 24 hour time, is simply the burn-outs socially accepted time to smoke cannabis. Student finished school and headed to the not so secret "toking area". The pot heads never really had any extra curricular activities like sports. So smoking up after classes is common.

Let's not forget the blue collar workers. back in 1971, many blue collar workers worked 7:30-3:30, so by time they punched out of work, got home, 4:20 pm was also an acceptable time for them to get their smoke on.